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Photography   London/Milan  

+44 07956019605

400 KM By Alberto Tandoi 

is  long stroll  of 400 Km across London, a chronicles of encounters, a collection of moments of  nearness with strangers, shared  volatile life's convergences imprinted forever on film.

It is a collection of characters, a singular vision of what London is, or for better worlds what Tandoi would like it to be, 
an personal historical documentation of what , maybe, his ideal  city would be.

A wondering curious eye exploring the texture of the city to give light  to the colorful,  zig-zaging  through the 
trite banal greyness  to pinpoint  the greatness of individual expressions.

A census of unbounded beauty in self expression, a collection of silent  stories narrated by the faces of the unconventional conventionists in this tale unfolded  by portraits.

400 km of walking, hundreds of portraits to eventually make one, its own.


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